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10S5P 360WH Battery&ESC&Power Truck Kit Dual 90*55mm Hub Motors

10S5P 360WH Battery&ESC&Power Truck Kit Dual 90*55mm Hub Motors

Model: FDH758BD756BF Style: FDH758BD756BF UPC: FDH758BD756B Location: FDH758BD756BF Availability: In Stock
Price: €55.34 €55.34
  • Description

  • Features

    • Upgraded V2.1 Dual Hub Motor Sine Wave FOC ESC Speed Controller
    • Easy set up with your own built, plug in and off connectors, easy disassemble the kit and put them back again.
    • Smart battery voltage indicator and power on/off switch.
    • Provide top speeds up to 35-38 kph(22-24 mph) with strong linear acceleration and braking.
    • 10S5P 36V 10AH 360WH battery pack extends the driving range up to 20-30 km.
    • 3-5 hours charge time, Ergonomic 2.4G remote controlling driving modes (4 Speed Mode) and direction reversible.

    Components Included:

    • (1) ESC Speed Controller mounted in the battery enclosure( Dual HUB Motors ESC Speed Control )
    • (1) Battery Pack – 10S5P 36V 10AH 360WH 50cells, with BMS built-in the pack.
    • (1) ESC & Battery 2 in 1 Enclosure with Wiring, power on/off switch, battery indicator
    • (1) 2.4G Remote Controller, already paired to the ESC mounted in the enclosure.
    • (1) 10S 42V 2A Battery Charger
    • (2) Dual 90*55mm HUB Motor Mounted on Power Truck (Black/Red, 75KV, 500W/Motor)
    • (2) 90mm*52mm 78a Longboard Wheels (Black) Mounted on 7.25'' Non-power Front Truck (Black)
    • (2) 2 pcs spare use Replaceable PU Sleeves (Black)
    • (1) Hardwares set(bolts used to fix to the deck)

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