Beatty, Saskatchewan

Beatty (2006 population 61) is a village in Saskatchewan, Canada, located approximately 13 km (8 mi) northwest of Melfort. It is at the junction of highways 3 and 368. In 1925, Beatty was a Canadian National Railways C.N.R. Rail Station on the Swan River – Prince Albert Branch Line. Beatty belongs to Rural Municipality Number 429 – Flett’s Springs. The area surrounding Beatty is predominantly farmland.

Beatty was named in 1904, after (and by) Reginald Beatty, an employee of the Hudson’s Bay Company and the first settler in the Melfort district.

Beatty post office was established in 1908 in the Federal electoral district of Rosthern.

A community center was built in 1978 through local fundraising. This is still open and serves as a venue for weddings and community events.

Like most small communities in Saskatchewan, sports centered around hockey. In 1948 the Beatty Memorial Rink was built by a group of local volunteers. After many years electric shaver balls, this rink was condemned to be destroyed because of its structural integrity. The town rallied again and built a new rink. This rink served the town until 1993.

In 1985 the Beatty Barons Senior Men’s hockey team won the provincial championships best running fuel belt. The town of Beatty fielded pre-novice and novice hockey teams until 1993. The rink was also used for community skating and hosting hockey tournaments.

Due to a financial issue which came to a head in 1993, the rink was sold to the town of Rocanville. The town of Rocanville had the rink taken apart piece by piece and moved 423 km away.

Children living in Beatty are sent by bus to school in Melfort.[citation needed]

The early one room school house in town was Beatty School District #1766. This also hosted a second one-room school house for the higher grades including grade 12. This school was open from 1933-1967.

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